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Sending the Kids to College: a Unique Way to Cope!

Back to school season is upon us once again. If you have high school graduates leaving home for the first time – or older college students heading back to campus – you may be experiencing some bittersweet emotions. There is excitement for the new chapter in their lives but also a twinge of sadness that they are leaving the nest. In fact, these emotions can be occurring on both sides of the equation (kids and parents).

Virginia jewelry designer Chrisell Vasiliou offers a few unique ways to cope with the emotions of back to school: dichroic glass jewelry!

Using a process called glass fusion, Chrisell forms dichroic glass into jewelry pieces that reflect multiple hues of color depending on lighting and the angle from which the piece is viewed. An eye-catching design can also be incorporated onto the piece to reflect your child’s interests or a symbol that has a special meaning for your family.

For Moms

  • Mother’s Pendants: Featuring the silhouette of a mother embracing a child, this unique necklace will remind you of your child’s early years and all of the sweet memories you share with the bonus of using custom colors.

For College-Bound Kids

  • Funky Fusions: Colorful, shimmering pendants, rings or bracelets that will remind your child that you support them in all of their new endeavors. They will feel your love every time the piece is worn.
  • Pocket Stones: Small good luck charms that just might remind your child to call home once in a while! Kept in a pocket or near a bedside table, these stones can even be infused with cremated remains of a loved one (such as a supportive grandparent who has passed) to serve as a reminder of your family’s encouragement.

Change is good, but it can be hard, too! Having a special piece of jewelry created just for you might make the transition easier. To learn more about the dichroic glass jewelry options available, contact artist Chrisell Vasiliou at

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