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Unique Way to Remember Loved Ones During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy, wonder and excitement for many people. However, this time of year can also be a time of quiet reflection as we remember loved ones (even pets) we have lost over the years – those who will be forever in our hearts as we celebrate the season.

Virginia jewelry artist, Chrisell Vasiliou, understands the struggles that many people have this time of year. She began crafting her own unique way to remember loved ones by incorporating cremated remains into beautiful dichroic glass jewelry that can be worn close to the heart. The memorial pendants she creates at her home studio, Forever Fusions, are crafted one-by-one. No two are identical. Each one is designed with the utmost respect.

Just one half of a teaspoon of ashes are used in each memorial pendant. The ashes are fused into dichroic glass – they are not visible to others, but the memories are preserved forever into beautiful pieces of art. Dichroic glass is created by layering super thin sheets of glass with metals, oxides or silica and vaporizing them with an electron beam. A crystal structure is formed on the glass to create a variety of color wavelengths and depths on every unique piece of glass.

If you are searching for a gift with true meaning for yourself or a loved one this holiday, consider commissioning Forever Fusions to create a memorial pendant. You can work directly with the artist to decide what types of colors, shape and design would relay your feelings for the loved one that has passed or the person who will receive this as a gift. Each piece is a labor of love that is offered at very affordable prices starting at $45. The entire process can be handled via phone discussions, online communication and mail.

To view a gallery of memorial pendants or to place an order, visit Happy Holidays from Forever Fusions.


Mini Three Crosses
1” round pendant
Day time sky with black crosses
Silver-plated bail

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