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Sending the Kids to College: a Unique Way to Cope!

Back to school season is upon us once again. If you have high school graduates leaving home for the first time – or older college students heading back to campus – you may be experiencing some bittersweet emotions. There is excitement for the new chapter in their lives but also a twinge of sadness that they are leaving the nest. In fact, these emotions can be occurring on both sides of the equation (kids and parents).

Virginia jewelry designer Chrisell Vasiliou offers a few unique ways to cope with the emotions of back to school: dichroic glass jewelry!

Using a process called glass fusion, Chrisell forms dichroic glass into jewelry pieces that reflect multiple hues of color depending on lighting and the angle from which the piece is viewed. An eye-catching design can also be incorporated onto the piece to reflect your child’s interests or a symbol that has a special meaning for your family.

For Moms

  • Mother’s Pendants: Featuring the silhouette of a mother embracing a child, this unique necklace will remind you of your child’s early years and all of the sweet memories you share with the bonus of using custom colors.

For College-Bound Kids

  • Funky Fusions: Colorful, shimmering pendants, rings or bracelets that will remind your child that you support them in all of their new endeavors. They will feel your love every time the piece is worn.
  • Pocket Stones: Small good luck charms that just might remind your child to call home once in a while! Kept in a pocket or near a bedside table, these stones can even be infused with cremated remains of a loved one (such as a supportive grandparent who has passed) to serve as a reminder of your family’s encouragement.

Change is good, but it can be hard, too! Having a special piece of jewelry created just for you might make the transition easier. To learn more about the dichroic glass jewelry options available, contact artist Chrisell Vasiliou at

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A Good Luck Charm with Extra Meaning

Many people carry around good luck charms to bring them confidence, protection and prosperity. A good luck charm doesn’t have to be a traditional jewelry charm at all – it can be anything that has a special meaning to you.

Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou creates one-of-a-kind pocket stones that many clients consider their own personal good luck charms. They are made even more special because they are infused with very small amounts of cremated remains of loved ones or pets that have passed from this world. She treats every piece with the utmost respect throughout the entire creation process.

Her memorial pocket stones are palm-sized, smooth stones that can be created in a variety of shapes (hearts, ovals, etc.). Different color combinations are also available including color-shifting hues of dichroic glass. Appropriate for men and women, these pieces are small enough to carry in your pocket, handbag, wristlet, luggage, etc. The pocket stones can bring you comfort as well as the confidence that your loved one is guiding you through your life journey.

The finished pieces are delivered with a small card that reads:

“Keep this in your pocket; reach in and touch it when you are lonely or need comfort. Let it remind you that you are never alone. Those who leave don’t go away; they walk beside us every day.”

To learn more about memorial pocket stones or to inquire about having a special piece made, contact artist Chrisell Vasiliou at

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Remember Loved Ones with Memorial Jewelry

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you may be thinking more about loved ones who have left the physical world but who will forever remain in your heart. Memorial jewelry is one way to carry a tangible, beautiful reminder of your relationship with a special person.

Several years ago, artist Chrisell Vasiliou began Forever Fusions, a home-based jewelry company that offers unique dichroic glass jewelry including memorial pendants: 100% unique pieces that can be infused with cremated remains of a loved one. A very small amount of ashes are actually fused into dichroic glass to preserve them forever. Pocket stones can also be created for those who aren’t fond of jewelry but still want a tangible item to keep with them. Chrisell handles every custom project with the utmost honesty, respect and care.

The beauty that emerges as a result of the glass fusion process will be as unique as your loved one – and your relationship together. The ashes will not be visible in the color-shifting, shimmering designs: you can choose to keep this a beautiful secret or share the memories with others. Regardless of how you choose to share or protect your jewelry, the piece is sure to become a family heirloom for generations.  

Chrisell can customize a unique design incorporating colors that have meaning to you or your loved ones. With affordable prices ranging from $35-$50, you may decide to order several different pieces to remember multiple loved ones. The best part is that literally no one will have the same jewelry as you – that’s just the nature of memorial glass fusion jewelry.

Visit Forever Fusions at to view the various options and to place your order for an affordably-priced custom piece.

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Unique Gifts for Moms, Dads and Grads!

It’s that time of year when we celebrate the moms, dads and grads in our lives. Many people like to show their appreciation, love and support for these wonderful individuals in their lives by giving meaningful gifts. But finding the perfect gift isn’t always an easy task. Until now!

Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou creates unique pieces of glass jewelry in her Forever Fusions studio, with options for both women and men. Chrisell has perfected the art of glass fusion over the past 5 years, creating imaginative pieces of artwork that can be proudly worn as jewelry or carried closely as a constant reminder of a loved one near or far. Here are just a few gift ideas for the moms, dads or grads in your life:

Mother’s Day: Mother’s Pendants

Whether she is a brand new mom or a seasoned grandmother, the mom in your life will most certainly be excited to receive this personal gift any day of the year to express your love for her. Chrisell’s mother’s pendants feature the silhouette of a mother embracing a child. No two are exactly alike, adding to the sentiment that your mom is one in a million!

Father’s Day: Pocket Stones

Men aren’t always into jewelry, but Chrisell’s pocket stones are perfect for dads who appreciate commemorative pieces to remind them they are loved. They can even be infused with the cremated remains of loved ones who have passed. The stones can be heart shaped or crafted in more subtle shapes, depending on your dad’s personality. The unique, varied colors in the stones will be a beautiful comfort for the dad in your life.

Graduation: Funky Fusions

Graduating from high school, college, graduate school, law school, medical school or seminary school are all huge accomplishments! You can show your support for the next stage in a graduate’s life by giving the gift of unique, funky jewelry. Chrisell transforms the glass fusion process into pendants, rings and bracelets that are shimmering and colorful. A meaningful design can also be incorporated into the piece (butterfly, cross, flower, musical note, etc.) to showcase a young grad’s personality and interests.

Best of all, the jewelry at Forever Fusions is affordable with pieces starting at just $35. Learn more about the options available and commission Chrisell to create a special order by visiting

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Unique Easter Jewelry

For Christians, the Cross is a symbol that is synonymous with Easter. When this most holy day arrives, many people like to wear jewelry that showcases the Cross and their Christian faith. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry with the Cross symbol – to complement your Easter dress and hat – look no further than Forever Fusions.

Virginia artist Chrisell Vasiliou has created dichroic glass pendants in the past that feature Cross symbols against a colorful background. Her glass fusion process results in completely unique creations for every single piece that she handcrafts. She has also created silver-plated Cross shapes with a colorful center to make an even bolder statement piece.

The color-shifting backgrounds in her creations can give the emotions of sunrises (Easter morning), sunsets, the color of Lent (shades of violet) or the pastel hues of the springtime season. The pendants are sure to elicit strong emotional responses, both from the person wearing the piece and others admiring them.

Forever Fusions memorial pendant

Chrisell is currently taking orders for any type of glass pendant jewelry for the season. Customers are invited to share their specific vision for the pieces or give a general idea of what you would like – knowing that Chrisell will use her own artistic creativity to fashion a beautiful design just for you. To view samples of Cross jewelry or to learn more about Forever Fusions, visit

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Unique Gifts to Celebrate the Season of Love

Valentine’s Day is February 14, but in reality the whole month of February is a great time to celebrate the ones you love. Imagine your sweetheart’s surprise if you were to present a few small gifts throughout this Season of Love!

Here are a few unique and affordable gift ideas:

  • Chocolate fondue for two that you make at home
  • A small indoor plant to show how your love is always growing
  • Hand-written love note
  • Playlist of your favorite songs together
  • Hand crafted glass votive candle holders
  • Unique jewlery designed specifically for your loved one (yes, this can be affordable!)

Those last two gift ideas (the candle holders and jewelry) can be found at, a home-based art studio run by Virginia artist Chrisell Vasiliou. With prices starting at $25, every 100% unique creation is sure to set a romantic mood and elicit a genuine smile from your loved one.

Every jewelry piece is truly a work of wearable art! She uses a glass fusion process using colorful, glistening pieces of dichroic glass to hand craft metal bracelet cuffs, earrings, pendants, rings and more. These pieces celebrate mothers, wives, girlfriends and even those who have passed away (memorial pendants with cremated remains infused into the glass). You can choose from pieces that are pre-made or order one specifically to complement your loved one’s personality and style.

Make this a Valentine’s Day part of a Season of Love she’ll remember forever. Contact Forever Fusions to search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and place your order today.

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New Year, New Jewelry for 2019 Milestones

Happy 2019! You may have big plans for the New Year:

  • Get married
  • Have a baby
  •  Adopt a child
  • Beat cancer
  • Celebrate an anniversary
  • Travel
  •  Attend college
  • Retire
  •  Buy your dream house

The right piece of jewelry can help you remember these milestones and relive these happy moments with a unique work of art. Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou is the owner of Forever Fusions, a home-based jewelry studio. Each piece she crafts is a wearable work of art that is customized for each unique individual. Her special pieces are often ordered to celebrate specific occasions.

  • For example, if you will be welcoming a new baby or child into your family, she can craft a
    mother’s pendant in a variety of colors as a symbol of the special bond shared between
    mother and child.
  • If you plan to get married, she can craft a pendant, earrings, bracelet or ring using
    different hues of blue dichroic glass to be the “something blue” during your ceremony.
    (This would be an excellent idea for the maid of honor, mother or mother-in-law to
    commission as a surprise for the bride-to-be!)
  •  Cancer survival is definitely something to celebrate. Chrisell creates breast cancer
    pendants to allow survivors to show the world the strength and perseverance they
    demonstrated in order to beat this disease. These pendants can also serve as a reminder
    to any survivors to never give up hope.
  • When a person makes a big change in life, they often have to leave others behind. Going
    off to college, retiring and even traveling for extended periods of time are milestones that
    mark new chapters in a person’s life. A unique piece of jewelry can help you send a little
    piece of yourself off with these loved ones as they embark on their new journeys. Every
    time they wear the jewelry, they can be reminded of these relationships and the support
    they have in other parts of the world.

The bottom line is that change is good! It’s a healthy way to keep life interesting and continue to
grow. Celebrate change with the gift of unique jewelry for yourself or a loved one. Visit the
Forever Fusions website at to view the full collection of jewelry options.
Happy New Year!

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Give the Gift of Handmade Holiday Jewelry

If you’re looking for a gift to make the jewelry lovers in your life smile with joy this holiday, consider shopping for unique, handmade jewelry. With quality and craftsmanship to rival any department store jewelry, the options created by Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou are sure to become treasured heirlooms.

Chrisell’s business, Forever Fusions, features colorful, heartwarming pendants, bracelets, earrings and more. Effervescent dichroic glass is at the foundation of each piece, crafted using a special glass fusion process. She creates a variety of wearable art that can complement a person’s achievements, memories and personality. Visit the Forever Fusions website at to view her full collection of jewelry.

Memorial Pendants



Remember a loved one and keep their memories close to your heart with a memorial pendant. These unique pendants are infused with a small amount of cremated remains to preserve the ashes forever. A variety of images, colors and shapes are available.




Breast Cancer Pendants


Whether you have lost a loved one to breast cancer or want to celebrate milestones of survival, these breast cancer pendants are a beautiful way to promote awareness and support your loved ones. These can be created with or without cremated remains fused inside.





Mother’s Pendants


The love between mother and child is precious. Mother’s pendants can be created so moms can carry that love with them wherever they go. A variety of colors and shapes are available to match every mom’s preference.





Funky Fusions

Funky Fusions Glass-Fused Bracelet

If your loved one’s personality is colorful and unique, a Funky Fusions piece is sure to please. We can guarantee that no one else will have the exact same piece. Color-shifting pendants, bracelets, rings and earrings are available.






Metal Mania


If your jewelry recipient loves precious metals, Chrisell’s metal cuff jewelry, made of brass, pewter and .999 fine silver plating elements, not only have the metal edge but also a colorful centerpiece of fused glass cabochon. Cuffs are available in different widths.




Pocket Stones


If you want to remember a loved one, but wearing jewelry isn’t an option, these memorial pocket stones are a way to have the comfort of a loved one close to you. Infused with a small amount of cremated remains, you can carry these in your pocket, keep them in your car or at work or near your bedside – anywhere that will bring you peace.




The gift of unique jewelry is at Forever Fusions! Visit the site today to learn more.

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Stress-Free Holiday Shopping: Alternative to Black Friday & Mall Stores for Unique Gifts

It can be fun to shop in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday. However, the thought of battling the crowds at malls during the holidays doesn’t appeal to many people. In addition, it can be hard to find unique gifts at the mall or chain stores.

Here are two great alternatives to crazy holiday shopping: local craft shows and small businesses online.

Not only can you save your sanity, you can also pick up unique gifts for loved ones that they can treasure forever.

It just so happens that Forever Fusions fits both of those options. Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou started her home-based jewelry business to share her art talents with others. You can often find Forever Fusions at craft shows in the Virginia area and she also offers a way to browse some of her pieces and order your own custom-made creation online.

Forever Fusions will be at these two upcoming holiday shows:

November 3, 2018

Clover Hill Craft Fair

Clover Hill High School

13301 Kelly Green Lane

Midlothian, VA

9am – 3pm


December 1-2, 2018

41st Annual Hope Christmas Craft Market

407 Hope-Great Meadows Rd.

Hope, NJ

10am – Close


At the shows, you can see first-hand (and even purchase) her one-of-a-kind jewelry made of dichroic glass and metals including:

  • Funky Fusions color-shifting pendants, bracelets and earrings
  • Memorial pendants lovingly and respectfully infused with cremated remains of loved ones or pets
  • Mother’s pendants featuring silhouettes of mother and child
  • Metal cuff jewelry made of brass, pewter and .999 fine silver plating elements with fused glass cabochon

The pieces on display often spark an idea for a custom-made piece. Those pieces can be ordered during the show.

Can’t Attend the Craft Show?

If you aren’t a craft show type of person, you can also visit the Forever Fusions website at to view her full collection, get inspiration and place an online order. Happy, Stress-Free Holiday Shopping!

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Celebrate Day of the Dead with Memorial Jewelry

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an annual celebration in the Mexican heritage that commemorates the lives and spiritual journeys of deceased loved ones. This year the holiday will begin on October 31 and end on November 2. The celebration features altars and decorations with candles, calaveras (skulls), calacas (skeletons) costumes, papel picado (pierced papers), flowers, photos, personal mementos, food and drinks – all abounding in color and symbolism.

Exploding color and symbolism are two words that can also describe the memorial jewelry created by Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou. In fact, these pendants would be a perfect addition to any Día de los Muertos celebration – or any day of the year to remember loved ones who have passed.

What are Memorial Pendants?

Memorial pendants are one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are infused with the cremated remains of a loved one. Using a glass fusion process, Chrisell preserves the ashes forever in a colorful piece of artwork that can be worn close to the heart. Each pendant is made with various hues of dichroic glass. Modern, non-translucent dichroic glass is created by layering super thin sheets of glass with metals, oxides or silica and vaporizing them with an electron beam. A crystal structure is formed on the glass to create a color-shifting appearance on every unique piece of jewelry.

A silhouette of any shape, such as a, can be incorporated into the design of the pendant for a truly unique work of art.

Regardless of how you remember your loved ones – through colorful, public events or quiet introspection – a memorial pendant from Forever Fusions will be a piece you can treasure forever. Visit the Forever Fusions website at to learn more about jewelry made with ashes.

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