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How to Bring a Smile to a New Mom’s Face

New mom, Jonna, and her husband, Dave, were in the beginning phases of first-time parenthood: working to find balance in their new tasks of diaper changes, sleep routines and feeding schedules. It was both a magical and exhausting time in their lives. If they were being honest, being new parents could feel overwhelming at times.

Imagine Jonna’s surprise when a package arrived in the mail after their baby boy was just several weeks old. When she opened the box, she found a beautifully hand-crafted necklace that featured a mother’s pendant. The image of a mother gently embracing her baby boy instantly brought tearful smiles to Jonna’s face. She instantly knew this would be an heirloom that would be treasured forever.

This is a real story that happened to a real mom in Colorado.

This thoughtful gift was crafted by Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou in her home-based art studio, Forever Fusions. Chrisell used the process of glass fusion to create a unique glass fusion pendant with a color-shifting black/blue background. The silhouette of the mother is a very light pink and the baby boy is, of course, crafted in baby blue. It is a jewelry piece that can complement almost any outfit.

For Jonna, the gift served as a reminder of how very fortunate she and her husband were to have this bundle of joy in their lives. Today, it is still a reminder that all of the sleepless nights, irregular schedules and frustrating moments are an absolute blessing and worth every second of it.

If you would like to bring a smile to a new mom’s face, visit the Forever Fusions website at to learn more about unique mother’s pendants. You can request colors that will reflect the mom’s style and personality, making it a more personal gift. Best of all, these thoughtful gifts are reasonably priced and sure to touch the heart of anyone who opens that special box.

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