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Celebrate National Jewel Day with Unique Creations

March 13, 2017, is National Jewel Day! It’s a day to give and receive jewelry and also to recognize the artists that create dazzling displays of wearable art for all of us to enjoy.

For Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou this observance coincides with March also being named Craft Month. For the past 5 years Chrisell has honed her craft of jewelry making to create inspirational and beautiful pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings using glass fusion, metal, dichroic glass and more. The result is Forever Fusions, a home-based business where instead of mass-manufacturing pieces, she painstakingly designs and lovingly fashions them one piece at a time.

Forever Fusions jewelry can help you showcase your personality, celebrate motherhood, bring color to your life, complement your sense of style and even remember and honor your loved ones. Chrisell’s memorial pendants can be uniquely crafted incorporating the ashes of loved ones for a truly heartfelt piece and remembrance of life.

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