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Celebrate Spring with Color and Brilliance – Reflected in Jewelry

Spring officially began on March 20, 2017. This means retail stores are now actively promoting lighter springtime fashions. According to fashion magazines, color and light are taking center stage in the 2017 spring and summer trends. All shades of pink and yellow, flower prints, bold-colored graphic prints, metallic, shimmery fabrics and more are already popping up in stores and online.

Fashion not only includes clothing…it also includes accessories.

There is no better way to complement a great outfit than with distinctive jewelry. The more unique, the better. Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou has been incorporating brilliant colors, shimmer and shine to handcrafted pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings in her Forever Fusions studio since 2014. She crafts jewelry through a process called glass fusion, using dichroic glass to give every single piece its own uniqueness.

People who have worn her jewelry revel in the individuality they can express through her unique pieces. A plain-colored shirt can take on an entirely updated look with the addition of a color-shifting glass pendant. These pieces often become conversation starters – and isn’t that why we love to wear jewelry?

It’s time to update your 2017 spring fashion…with colorful, brilliant jewelry. Visit Forever Fusions at to view the unique creations available and place your order for an affordably-priced custom piece.

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