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From Glass Pieces to Wearable Work of Art

Thin layers of glass…high temperature kilns…perfect firing schedule…artistic eye…

When an artist combines these components into a singular project, the result is a completely unique piece of dichroic jewelry.

Dichroic jewelry is truly a labor of love and creativity. No piece can be exactly replicated because the process uses multiple layers of dichroic glass that are inherently unique. Dichroic glass can reflect a color-shifting rainbow of hues due to the manufacturing process: thin layers of glass are layered with metals, silica and oxides and then electronically vaporized.

The dichroic glass used in this type of jewelry will vary in color and texture and virtually any shape and size you are dreaming of can be created just for you.

After layering and shaping the glass, the creation is fired at the perfect temperature and length of time to fuse the layers together, allowing unique colors to come through and textures to be showcased. These pieces can then be worn as pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings and more.

A dichroic jewelry artist in Virginia has been putting her artistic eye to work with these materials since 2014. Chrisell Vasiliou is the owner of Forever Fusions, a company that creates a variety of unique pieces to:

  • Accentuate your wardrobe
  • Reflect your own distinctive personality
  • Spark conversations with others
  • Celebrate the joys of motherhood with mother’s pendants
  • Remember deceased loved ones with cremation jewelry

Visit the Forever Fusions website at to view her full line or to place an order for a custom piece of dichroic jewelry in Virginia.

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