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Make a Statement with a Signature Jewelry Piece

You may know certain celebrities, neighbors, co-workers, friends or family that always wear a signature necklace, ring, earrings or bracelet, regardless of the occasion. It’s the one piece that becomes synonymous with that person – something you expect to see day after day.

Aside from wedding rings, having a unique signature piece of jewelry can define who you are. It can show that you are not afraid to rock your own personal style. It can signify a feeling of control and balance in your life. It can become a conversation piece. Or it can just tell the world that you love a particular piece of jewelry.

The more unique the jewelry piece is, the more meaningful it will become.

In 2014 Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou realized that she could use the process of glass fusion to fashion one-of-a-kind pendants – jewelry that could become signature pieces for others to enjoy. Using layers of super thin, colorful glass, combined with metals, oxides or silica, Chrisell handcrafts amazing color-shifting works of art that can complement almost any outfit.

Her memorial pendant creations are especially meaningful for people who have lost a loved one – even a beloved pet. By incorporating a loved one’s ashes into the glass fusion process, the piece becomes 100% unique for the wearer. Many people who have ordered the memorial pendants express gratitude that they can always carry that strong connection with the deceased anywhere they go in life. A memorial pendant is quite often a signature piece that is worn daily to keep loved ones close to the heart.

If you have been searching for a unique piece of jewelry to incorporate into your life, visit to view samples of Chrisell’s past artistic work. You can also place an order for a unique piece that matches your style, color preferences and personality.

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