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Meaningful Jewelry for Mother’s Day


Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.

  • Robert Browning

Mother’s Day is May 13, 2018. It’s a time to celebrate the undeniable bond between mothers and their children. If you have a mom-figure in your life – your birth mother…wife…stepmother…foster mother…adoptive mother…grandmother…sister – express how much she means to you through the gift of meaningful jewelry.

Unique mother’s jewelry does not have to cost a fortune. Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou creates unique mother’s pendants in her home-based art studio, Forever Fusions. Using an artistic process of glass fusion, she hand-crafts pendants that feature the silhouette of a mother embracing a child. At only $40 per pendant, it’s an affordable way to give a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that could become a family heirloom for future generations to enjoy.

Wearing one of these pendants is sure to evoke comments from other people that your mom encounters. Imagine the pride she will feel as she not only gets to talk about the signature piece itself but also dote on the special person who gave it to her. It will be a subtle way to remind her of the love you feel for her and how important she is to your whole family.

If your mom has a favorite color, Chrisell may be able to incorporate your color requests into each pendant. You can learn more about the options available and commission Chrisell to create a special order. Contact artist Chrisell Vasiliou at

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