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Memorial Jewelry- Richmond VA

Memorial Jewelry- Richmond VA

Memorialize Your Loved Ones in Jewelry

The loss of a loved one can lead to a long journey of healing. While it’s comforting to think a beloved family member, friend or pet is always with us in our cherished memories, it is sometimes even more heartening to have a tangible reminder of how much they meant to us.

Memorial jewelry is a way to do just that. Forever Fusions is a company that creates unique pendants that are infused with the cremated remains of a loved one. Ashes are actually fused into dichroic glass to preserve the ashes forever. You can wear the pendants knowing that you are carrying a beautiful reminder of your relationship with your loved one.

Only a small amount of ashes are needed to create memorial pendants. Forever Fusions artist Chrisell Vasiliou uses just one half of a teaspoon of ashes in her one-of-a-kind designs. No one but the owner will ever know that ashes have been incorporated into the beautiful pieces of art.

Using ashes in jewelry is considered completely legal. Because this jewelry only requires a small amount, loved ones are still able handle the cremated remains in the best way they see fit:

  • Scatter the ashes in a favorite spot
  • Bury them in a local cemetery or at home
  • Hold them in an urn
  • Any creative way that honors your loved one

If you have been searching for a unique way to honor a loved one, visit the Forever Fusions website. You can view different types of memorial jewelry in Virginia at

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