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Mother’s Pendants- Richmond VA

Perfect Push Present: Unique Mother’s Pendant

Mother’s Pendants- Richmond VA

Moms-to-be go through about 40 weeks (give or take) of birthing preparation, both mentally and physically. With the seemingly endless mood swings, heartburn and morning sickness – not to mention weight gain – it’s quiForever Fusion Mother Pendantte an accomplishment! That’s why more and more fathers are choosing to commemorate the sacrifices their wives have made to help create, nourish and (finally) welcome new life into this world with push presents (also called birthing gifts).

Push presents can be anything that is special or symbolic to the husband and wife. Often the push present is jewelry, and nothing will bring a new tear of joy to mom’s eye than a one-of-a-kind mother’s pendant.

Virginia-based Forever Fusions creates unique pendants for mom made using a glass fusion process. The sturdy glass pendants feature a mom holding baby; different glass color options can be chosen to reflect each new mom’s unique personality. No other mom in the world will have the exact piece of jewelry that is created especially for her.

Push gifts are typically given to mom after she has given birth, when she has had a chance to rest (timing is everything, dads!). The memory of holding her baby for one of the very first times while wearing her new mother’s pendant will be something that will be etched in her mind and her heart forever.

If your wife is expecting and you want to gain some serious husband/new father points, commission Forever Fusions to create a mom’s pendant in Virginia well before your baby is due. Imagine her surprise and elation when you present her with this thoughtful gift – a gift you planned well in advance. Just don’t forget to take it to your birthing location!

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