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How One Family Found Comfort in Memorial Jewelry

The loss of a loved one is never easy; it is especially difficult when that loss is a child – of any age. Here is a story of how one family found comfort in memorial jewelry:

Cynthia M. is a mother of five children. After her son passed away, she looked for ways to honor the cremated remains of her son. Cynthia found Forever Fusions, a home-based art studio run by Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou. Chrisell has a passion for helping people cope with loss through her art. Through the creation of memorial pendants and pocket stones, she infuses small amounts of cremation remains into truly unique works of art that can be worn, carried or displayed by loved ones left behind.

Cynthia contracted Chrisell to create five memorial pendants for herself and her other adult children. The response from her family was so overwhelming, she returned to have two more pendants made to hang from her car mirror. One of her sons also had a pocket stone made so he could keep it in his tool belt while working.

“I love my pendant and all the pendants that you made,” said Cynthia. “Each one of them is unique and treasured. Thank you so much for the dignity and respect that you gave each one of them.”

These unique jewelry pieces bring Cynthia and her family comfort and a sense of closeness to the loved one that has passed. The ability to wrap her hand around the pendant that she keeps close to her heart is one small way to cope with the loss.

What are Pocket Stones?

Chrisell’s memorial pocket stones are palm-sized, smooth stones that are fused with cremated remains. Pocket stones are popular for men who don’t want a piece of jewelry but still want a commemorative piece. The finished pieces are delivered with a small card that reads:

“Keep this in your pocket; reach in and touch it when you are lonely or need comfort. Let it remind you that you are never alone. Those who leave don’t go away; they walk beside us every day.”

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