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The Perfect Graduation Gift for Girls

High school and college graduations are a time of endings and new beginnings filled with bittersweet excitement, uncertainty, stress and maybe a little fear and anxiety.

Funky Fusions Butterfly Pendant

Butterfly Pendant : Approx. 1” square : pink iridized fused glass : 18” silver plate necklace $35.00

If you have been invited to share in the graduation of a young lady, you may be searching for an appropriate gift with meaning – something that she can take into the next stage of her life to show that you support her in her journey. Cash, luggage, picture frames…these are all nice gifts but they may not project the feelings or inspiration you wish to convey to her.

Virginia jewelry designer Chrisell Vasiliou has a unique graduation gift idea that can meet these requirements: one-of-a-kind necklace pendants.

Using a process called glass fusion, Chrisell forms dichroic glass into pendants that reflect multiple hues of color depending on lighting and the angle from which the piece is viewed. An eye-catching design can also be incorporated onto the piece to reflect the graduate’s interests or a symbol that has a special meaning for her.

The graduate is about to embark on a new adventure in her life; each time she wears the pendant and experiences the beautiful shifting colors, she can be reminded of the achievements she has accomplished so far and look forward to the path ahead. Her unique pendant can also serve as a reminder of your encouragement.

Even if graduation day has already passed it’s never too late to give a graduation pendant. Contact artist Chrisell Vasiliou at

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