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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Forever Fusion Mother PendantMoms: they do it all! They are the cooks, the housecleaners, the chauffeurs, the master schedulers, the fashion coordinators, the nurses, the hairstylists, the homework helpers, the storytellers, the playdate organizers, the party planners and often the breadwinners of the household.

This Mother’s Day give the Super Mom in your life something special – something as unique as she is – to celebrate everything she does for your family: a unique mother’s pendant.

What is a Mother’s Pendant?

At Forever Fusions, a home-based art studio in Virginia, jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou uses the process of glass fusion to hand-craft pendants that feature the silhouette of a mother embracing a child. Because every piece is handmade, each one is completely unique. Various background colors can be incorporated to complement your mother/stepmother/wife/sister’s unique style and really show you were thinking of her.

For mom, these pendants can become family heirlooms, signature pieces in her jewelry wardrobe and loving reminders of how important she is to your family.

Mother’s Day is May 14, 2017, so order your mother’s pendant soon! Allow enough time for Chrisell to create your special order. Contact artist Chrisell Vasiliou at

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