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Reflect Your Personality with Dichroic Glass Jewelry

No one has just one side to their personality – so why wear jewelry without depth?

Dichroic jewelry is as unique as you are. The word dichroic is derived from Greek and translates into “two colors,” but the jewelry made of this material can produce far more color wavelengths and depth giving you a truly unique piece.

Modern, non-translucent dichroic glass is created by layering super thin sheets of glass with metals, oxides or silica and vaporizing them with an electron beam. A crystal structure is formed on the glass to create a color-shifting appearance on every unique piece of glass. Depending on how the glass is angled and what type of lighting is used, the glass can reflect a variety of hues.

Chesterfield, Virginia, jewelry artisan, Chrisell Vasiliou, has been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry using dichroic glass since 2014. From pendants to bracelets to rings, every piece is hand-crafted, completely unique and can be created in different color options. Chrisell uses dichroic glass in each of her jewelry lines: mother’s pendants, Funky Fusions and memorial pendants which are created using the cremated remains of a loved one.

To add some color and distinctiveness to your wardrobe, visit the Forever Fusions website today. You can view different types of dichroic jewelry in Virginia at

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