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Remember Loved Ones with Memorial Jewelry

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you may be thinking more about loved ones who have left the physical world but who will forever remain in your heart. Memorial jewelry is one way to carry a tangible, beautiful reminder of your relationship with a special person.

Several years ago, artist Chrisell Vasiliou began Forever Fusions, a home-based jewelry company that offers unique dichroic glass jewelry including memorial pendants: 100% unique pieces that can be infused with cremated remains of a loved one. A very small amount of ashes are actually fused into dichroic glass to preserve them forever. Pocket stones can also be created for those who aren’t fond of jewelry but still want a tangible item to keep with them. Chrisell handles every custom project with the utmost honesty, respect and care.

The beauty that emerges as a result of the glass fusion process will be as unique as your loved one – and your relationship together. The ashes will not be visible in the color-shifting, shimmering designs: you can choose to keep this a beautiful secret or share the memories with others. Regardless of how you choose to share or protect your jewelry, the piece is sure to become a family heirloom for generations.  

Chrisell can customize a unique design incorporating colors that have meaning to you or your loved ones. With affordable prices ranging from $35-$50, you may decide to order several different pieces to remember multiple loved ones. The best part is that literally no one will have the same jewelry as you – that’s just the nature of memorial glass fusion jewelry.

Visit Forever Fusions at to view the various options and to place your order for an affordably-priced custom piece.

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