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A Sentimental Way to Show Support for Hurricane Victims

Natural disasters, like the recent hurricanes our coastal lines have experienced, strip away personal possessions to an unfathomable degree, leaving a hollow feeling. Beyond homes, cars and everyday essential items, our loved ones can also lose sentimental treasures. Those of us who have never been in this position can only imagine the sense of loss and despair that comes in the weeks, months and years following such a tragedy. In fact, it can be hard to know how to respond – how to help – loved ones in these situations. Sometimes just lending a sympathetic ear is enough, but sometimes it might help to send a tangible reminder of your support.

Virginia jewelry artist, Chrisell Vasiliou, creates signature jewelry pieces that could be a perfect way to send a loved one a symbol of:

  • Perseverance
  • Strength
  • Hope
  • Resolve
  • Love

In her Forever Fusions studio, Chrisell molds layers of dichroic glass into pendants, bracelets and earrings that feature swirling, changing colors. Every piece is truly unique; each one is hand made using a glass fusion process to create different colors, textures and designs.

Of course, a simple piece of jewelry cannot make everything right again. However, this symbol of your support could actually become a new family heirloom for your loved one…a reminder that their spirit lifted them from the tragedy and gave them strength to rebuild their lives.

Visit Forever Fusions at to browse the different types of jewelry that can be fashioned for your loved ones. If you would like to order a unique piece to send to a hurricane victim, mention this during your communications with Chrisell and she will take 10% off your order.

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