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Unique Easter Jewelry

For Christians, the Cross is a symbol that is synonymous with Easter. When this most holy day arrives, many people like to wear jewelry that showcases the Cross and their Christian faith. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry with the Cross symbol – to complement your Easter dress and hat – look no further than Forever Fusions.

Virginia artist Chrisell Vasiliou has created dichroic glass pendants in the past that feature Cross symbols against a colorful background. Her glass fusion process results in completely unique creations for every single piece that she handcrafts. She has also created silver-plated Cross shapes with a colorful center to make an even bolder statement piece.

The color-shifting backgrounds in her creations can give the emotions of sunrises (Easter morning), sunsets, the color of Lent (shades of violet) or the pastel hues of the springtime season. The pendants are sure to elicit strong emotional responses, both from the person wearing the piece and others admiring them.

Forever Fusions memorial pendant

Chrisell is currently taking orders for any type of glass pendant jewelry for the season. Customers are invited to share their specific vision for the pieces or give a general idea of what you would like – knowing that Chrisell will use her own artistic creativity to fashion a beautiful design just for you. To view samples of Cross jewelry or to learn more about Forever Fusions, visit

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