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Unique Gifts for Moms, Dads and Grads!

It’s that time of year when we celebrate the moms, dads and grads in our lives. Many people like to show their appreciation, love and support for these wonderful individuals in their lives by giving meaningful gifts. But finding the perfect gift isn’t always an easy task. Until now!

Virginia jewelry artist Chrisell Vasiliou creates unique pieces of glass jewelry in her Forever Fusions studio, with options for both women and men. Chrisell has perfected the art of glass fusion over the past 5 years, creating imaginative pieces of artwork that can be proudly worn as jewelry or carried closely as a constant reminder of a loved one near or far. Here are just a few gift ideas for the moms, dads or grads in your life:

Mother’s Day: Mother’s Pendants

Whether she is a brand new mom or a seasoned grandmother, the mom in your life will most certainly be excited to receive this personal gift any day of the year to express your love for her. Chrisell’s mother’s pendants feature the silhouette of a mother embracing a child. No two are exactly alike, adding to the sentiment that your mom is one in a million!

Father’s Day: Pocket Stones

Men aren’t always into jewelry, but Chrisell’s pocket stones are perfect for dads who appreciate commemorative pieces to remind them they are loved. They can even be infused with the cremated remains of loved ones who have passed. The stones can be heart shaped or crafted in more subtle shapes, depending on your dad’s personality. The unique, varied colors in the stones will be a beautiful comfort for the dad in your life.

Graduation: Funky Fusions

Graduating from high school, college, graduate school, law school, medical school or seminary school are all huge accomplishments! You can show your support for the next stage in a graduate’s life by giving the gift of unique, funky jewelry. Chrisell transforms the glass fusion process into pendants, rings and bracelets that are shimmering and colorful. A meaningful design can also be incorporated into the piece (butterfly, cross, flower, musical note, etc.) to showcase a young grad’s personality and interests.

Best of all, the jewelry at Forever Fusions is affordable with pieces starting at just $35. Learn more about the options available and commission Chrisell to create a special order by visiting

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