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Unique Gifts to Celebrate the Season of Love

Valentine’s Day is February 14, but in reality the whole month of February is a great time to celebrate the ones you love. Imagine your sweetheart’s surprise if you were to present a few small gifts throughout this Season of Love!

Here are a few unique and affordable gift ideas:

  • Chocolate fondue for two that you make at home
  • A small indoor plant to show how your love is always growing
  • Hand-written love note
  • Playlist of your favorite songs together
  • Hand crafted glass votive candle holders
  • Unique jewlery designed specifically for your loved one (yes, this can be affordable!)

Those last two gift ideas (the candle holders and jewelry) can be found at, a home-based art studio run by Virginia artist Chrisell Vasiliou. With prices starting at $25, every 100% unique creation is sure to set a romantic mood and elicit a genuine smile from your loved one.

Every jewelry piece is truly a work of wearable art! She uses a glass fusion process using colorful, glistening pieces of dichroic glass to hand craft metal bracelet cuffs, earrings, pendants, rings and more. These pieces celebrate mothers, wives, girlfriends and even those who have passed away (memorial pendants with cremated remains infused into the glass). You can choose from pieces that are pre-made or order one specifically to complement your loved one’s personality and style.

Make this a Valentine’s Day part of a Season of Love she’ll remember forever. Contact Forever Fusions to search for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and place your order today.

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