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7 Unique Ways to Give Unique Jewelry this Holiday

7 Unique Ways to Give Unique Jewelry this Holiday

The gift of jewelry almost always brings joy to the recipient. When that gift is a truly unique, custom piece, it only makes sense to get creative in how you give it to your loved one, family member or friend. Here are some different ways to present one-of-a-kind jewelry this season:

  1. Place the jewelry item on a cute, cuddly stuffed animal. This will be especially effective if you choose an animal/character that the recipient loves…such as a monkey, tiger, bear, etc.
  2. Create a scavenger hunt for your loved one to find the gift: make the ultimate hiding spot in your holiday tree, in a special drawer or anywhere in your home that has meaning for you.
  3. Give a jewelry box as a gift and place the new jewelry item inside the box.
  4. Have a neighbor deliver the gift to your home at a special time to surprise the recipient.
  5. Take the recipient out to a nice dinner and ask a waiter to deliver the gift during dessert.
  6. Go to a memorable spot – like your first date or your favorite hiking trail – and surprise the recipient with the gift.
  7. Wrap a series of boxes-within-boxes, starting with a very large box and leading down to a small one that holds the jewelry. The recipient will have fun excavating to find the gift!

Unique jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It doesn’t have to be made of diamonds and solid gold to elicit a genuine smile and warm fuzzy feeling from your loved one. Virginia jewelry artist, Chrisell Vasiliou, uses the combination of fused glass and metals in her home studio business, Forever Fusions, to create 100% unique jewelry that can provoke the same excited reaction as thousand dollar pieces.

Chrisell hand crafts unique jewelry in Virginia that feature color-shifting hues and sentimental attributes, starting at just $35:

Memorial Pendants: ashes of a loved one or a pet are infused into dichroic glass pendants

Tree of Life Pendant

Mother’s Pendants: a glass fusion process is used to create pendants featuring a mom holding baby

 Forever Fusion Mother Pendant

Metal Mania Cuffs: iridescent glass shapes are fused onto cuffs made of brass, pewter or fine silver plating


Funky Fusions: a glass fusion process is used to create iridescent, color-changing bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings

Funky Fusions Glass-Fused Bracelet

Visit Forever Fusions online at to order pre-made jewelry or request custom-created items for your loved ones. Then devise your own unique way to show the recipient how much thought you put into this special gift.

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