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Unique Way to Remember Your Beloved Pet

Pet Memorial Pendant


Pets. They have a way of working their way into our hearts and truly becoming part of the family. They offer unconditional love and companionship and they’ve been shown to actually provide health benefits for humans.

It’s only logical that when we lose a pet due to illness, natural disaster or other tragedy, the effects can be quite devastating for the family left behind. Now there is a way to create a powerful connection to the memory of your pet – one that can be kept with you every day: memorial pendants.

Memorial jewelry for pets is offered by Forever Fusions, a jewelry design studio based in Virginia. Artist Chrisell Vasiliou takes a small amount of cremated remains of your pet and infuses them into dichroic glass pendants that can be worn close to your heart. The glass fusion process she uses results in one-of-a-kind, color-changing or image-designed jewelry that is as unique as your beloved pet. Chrisell will work with you to come up with a design concept that combines the personality of your pet and your own style.

Because Forever Fusions is a small studio, nothing is mass-produced; every piece is crafted with the utmost dignity and respect. You can choose to keep the design of your pendant silent – no one needs to know how the jewelry was crafted. What your friends and family will see is a beautiful piece of jewelry that may very well become your signature piece.

If you would like to learn more about using pet ashes in jewelry, visit Forever Fusions at

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